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Welcome to the site.

We know that every council may need to make cuts and there is no simple solution to protect frontline services that disabled people use. The information on this site maps the budget cuts to disability services in England and Wales and shows how well local authorities are coping with them.

The map shows which local authorities are coping with the changes to disability budgets well and which are not. This allows us all to learn lessons from the best for the future.

You can see how well your own council has done by selecting the name of your local authority in the drop down line above or by clicking on the map itself.

We could have ranked local authorities by their budget cuts, but we wanted to recognise those councils who are protecting their front line services from the cuts. That is why we are focusing on how councils are coping with the cuts and highlighting innovation.

Demos has created a Coping with the Cuts Index that measures how different local authorities are managing their social care and support budgets for children, adults and older people.

Find out about how we worked out the coping scores here.

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